Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tutor that Fulfill your Child Needs

Well, it’s been a long, gorgeous summer, but the end is near, and it’s time for the kids to head back to school. And it's going to be a challenging year for New Jersey school children.

If your child is like most kids, every year brings new demands on their time. In addition to catching up with their friends on everything that happened over the summer, and all the new social apps and games they’ll undoubtedly spend way too much time on, there will be new extracurricular activities to participate in, band, sports, dance lessons, choir, and more. Study, homework, and keeping up their grades gets more difficult as they grow older and expand their horizons.

And this is the year New Jersey schools begins rigorous new testing to comply with Common Core State Standards. There’s never been a better time to consider bolstering your student’s academic efforts with math tutoring and English tutoring, the main focus of the tests.

Why seek a tutor? There are plenty of benefits to tutoring, including:

 Personalized, one-on-one instruction. A tutor provides the individual attention that your child won’t get in the public classroom. This allows them to identify your child’s unique strengths and weaknesses, and concentrate on the areas that they need the most help with.

Learning in a trust relationship. Working with a tutor builds a relationship of trust and comfort. This is important because it gives your child the opportunity to speak freely and ask the questions they might be uncomfortable asking in the classroom in front of their friends, and it’s always easier to learn in a relaxed atmosphere.

Enhanced independent study skills. Effective studying is more than just putting in the time, it’s also about how one studies. A tutor can help your child discover how they learn best in math and English. Are they a visual or an auditory learner? Do they do best with rote and repetition, or is a more hands-on approach best? A tutor can help to develop these study skills, and prepare them to learn independently, which is the ultimate goal of tutoring.

A different perspective. Approaching a subject from a different perspective than the classroom provides can help your child gain a more comprehensive mastery and understanding of the material. It often helps to look at things from a different point of view.

Math tutoring and English tutoring is one of the best ways to prepare your child to excel this school year. Give your child that extra edge. As challenging as this year is shaping up to be, they’re going to need it.

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