Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Advantages of Eye Level Self-Directed Learning

So your child has been struggling with math in school, as so many do, and you’re afraid that skills they’ve already mastered will be lost over the summer break. Plus, you’d love to give them a head start going into the coming school year.

So you’ve been looking into math tutors in Manalapan, NJ, and you’re considering Eye Level because you’ve heard how successful their learning programs are. You should know that one of the keys to the effectiveness of the Eye Level approach is the concept of self-directed learning. What is self-directed learning, and why is it so effective?

Self-directed learning is an approach to and a philosophy of education, sometimes called a way of life. It is not a methodology. Traditionally, a student in a classroom has very little input or participation in the learning process. They sit in a classroom and are taught according to a set curriculum with specific progress goals, and they are expected to learn the subject material at more or less the same rate as everybody else and move on to the next level. This traditional approach is a necessary part of early education and self-directed learning isn’t an attempt to replace it.

Rather, self-directed learning is an enhancement, supplying a critical component that up until recent years has been mostly lacking. Students are encouraged to take an active role in the learning process through hands-on experimentation and participation, collaboration with the tutor on what is being learned and at what rate, and in general exercising more control over the flow and pace of the learning process.

This doesn’t mean that the student takes over the classroom. It means that the tutor works in a closer cooperative relationship with the child, learning their strengths and weaknesses, how they learn best and where their interests lie. The child becomes an integral part of the process, rather than just a stationary sponge expected to soak up information.

Self-directed learning works because it increases motivation and interest, and makes learning fun and exciting. The child is a partner, rather than a subject. It allows the processing of information that isn’t easily obtained through passive observation. Subjects can be studied in more depth and in a more meaningful context, for instance actually building a model airplane rather than just reading about how one is put together.

Self-directed learning works and it’s an important part of Eye Level’s success. Your search for math tutors in Manalapan, NJ is over. Contact your Manalapan Eye Level center today for more information and a tour of the facilities.

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